Weddings Policy and Procedures




Thank you for your interest in our weddings policy and procedures. Please read this document through carefully and note any questions that you may have. Feel free to call our admin office on 0208 888 9427 and our wedding coordinator or church administrator will be pleased to assist you.

One of the most sacred ceremonies of the Christian Church is the marriage service, where two persons, one man and one woman, are beautifully joined in holy matrimony, in the company of their loved ones, friends, and in the presence of God.

Christian marriage is much more than a wedding, physical chemistry, romance or sex appeal. It is much more than a social event or a civil convention. Marriage is a covenant of love – a Divine institution, ordained by God, and enshrined with dignity and honour for all who enter it lawfully and in true affection, in the fear of God. “So then, they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate” (Matthew 19:6).

Congratulations on your decision to be married, and thank you for considering Cathedral of Praise as an appropriate venue for your wedding. We look forward to celebrating this splendid event with you, and trust that you will have a happy married life. We know that the next few weeks or months of planning and preparing for your wedding will be filled with excitement, but also anxieties. We want to assist in making your wedding a very special, meaningful, and memorable occasion in every way. To this end the following policies and procedures have been established, and understanding the sacredness of marriage, we wish to extend to all interested and engaged couples every possible consideration, courtesy and the best start for their marriage, with God’s blessings.


I.   Scheduling Your  Wedding

In order to secure a date for your wedding, please contact the admin office on 0208 888 9427 or just send us an email to as soon as possible, but no sooner than one year in advance.  An initial appointment should be made for a preliminary interview with the Bishop/Senior Pastor before any wedding reservation can be confirmed.

If the Bishop/Senior Pastor is unavailable, we can still assist by inviting another minister to perform the ceremony. This will not incur any additional cost on your part, or pose any inconvenience for you.

The Bible teaches that marriage is intended by God to be a permanent, life-long commitment (Matthew 19:6). As a general rule we do not conduct weddings for divorcees, but each case is treated on its own merits, and the innocent party can be remarried if the grounds for the divorce was sexual immorality (Matthew 5:32). Please indicate at the very outset whether one party or both have been divorced, and if applicable, the cause for divorce.

Once the Bishop/Senior Pastor or his appointee has agreed to officiate at the ceremony, and the scheduled date is confirmed, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure the date and to affirm the seriousness of your intent.

The basic cost of a wedding is £430, for up to three hours from arrival to departure. This includes use of the sanctuary, with a Hammond Organ and three cordless microphones. For other remunerations please see details on the charges schedule – page 2 of the attached application form (link at the top of this document).  A membership discount of 30% is applicable to certain aspects of the fees. This, however, relates only to bona fide members of this Church, and does NOT apply to those persons who have left the Church (and may be attending another church) for a consecutive period of six months or more.

You will be asked to complete a Wedding Application Form, and provide pertinent details for the Marriage Register. During the preparation for your wedding, the admin office will contact you from time to time to make appointments for consultation, discussion and/or pastoral ‘counselling’ etc.

You or any third party acting on your behalf must ensure that the current Health and Safety requirements are complied with. You will be held responsible for any damage to the church property by you, your guests, or a third party acting on your behalf.


II.   Available Wedding Facilities

The Cathedral of Praise sanctuary is a modernised grade 2 listed building with up-to-date facilities and equipment, including disability access and a loop system among other features, and a ground floor seating capacity of about 500.

The church hall and kitchen may also be booked for receptions. If you wish to take advantage of these facilities, arrangements can be made subject to availability. There are additional fees for usage of the hall and kitchen.

The kitchen has been upgraded to four star facilities and is available for use by qualified personnel only. If your reception is in the hall, the bride and groom are responsible for informing the approved caterer(s) of the policies for its use. There is a set time for accessing and vacating the hall, and it is important that all procedures are strictly followed. A total of six hours is allowed to cover setting up the hall, holding the reception, and vacating the premises. Preparation for the receptions cannot commence until after 9.30pm the day before the wedding, owing to the Church’s busy schedule. The hall can comfortably accommodate 120 people. Appropriate chairs and tables are available for use.

The kitchen facilities include a large industrial cooker, oven, and microwave etc. Where practicable, the large fridge and freezer can be used from the day before the wedding reception.

If outside caterers are used, Cathedral of Praise cannot accept responsibility for anything left in cold storage boxes. Kitchen utensils, coffee makers, dishwasher, dishes, silver, cups and glasses are not available. Caterers must provide their own dishes, cups, tableware and cloths, etc.  It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to ensure that they and any third party engaged in carrying out duties on their behalf are covered by the following insurance: Employers Liability Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, and other insurance which may be required for the function. The kitchen and associated areas must be thoroughly cleaned by the hirer’s representative and /or caterers.


III.   Church Music

Since the wedding service is a Christian service of worship, the music selected must be appropriate to Christian worship. These can be discussed and agreed with the minister, who will assist you with the arrangement for the order of service.  If an in house organist is used, he or she must be furnished with the songs or hymns at least two weeks before the wedding, and a rehearsal may be scheduled where appropriate.

The words of all solos and hymns should be consistent with our Christian beliefs, practices and policies. Wedding songs normally express love, praise, prayer or thanksgiving, and should be used only in the context of worship. Secular love songs are not appropriate for any wedding service, but may be sung at the reception with the consent of the minister.

You or your vocalist(s) are expected to provide the necessary sheet music. For legal, moral, and ethical reasons, photocopied music may NOT be used by the organist or singer(s), without a copyright licence, details of which are given with this policy.

If you wish, the Church can hire vocalists and instrumentalists for you. Fees for the artists secured by the Church are additional and payable 14 days before the wedding.

There is a separate fee payable as the organist’s compensation arrangement with the Church. The organist plays all the wedding songs, except where a special request is made for an exception. The organist shall receive the full organist’s fee even if much of the music is played by other instrumentalists.

While there is considerable latitude in the style of music used in the secular or contemporary world, and there are various personal tastes even within the church, we believe that certain music is inappropriate for church settings. Recorded or background musical accompaniments are permitted, but the tapes or CD’s must be submitted to the admin office at least by the wedding rehearsal.


IV.  The Wedding Rehearsal

The Bishop/Senior Pastor or his appointee is in charge of the rehearsal. The purpose of the wedding rehearsal is to acquaint the wedding party with the wedding procedures, so that each one will be as comfortable as possible, and be familiarised with their responsibilities.

Most weddings occur on Saturdays and rehearsals take place one week before the wedding, usually on the Thursday between 7 – 9pm.  All rehearsals must begin promptly at the scheduled time and are limited to one hour. Any exception must be by prior arrangement with the officiating minister. It is the duty of the bride and groom to ensure that all members of the wedding party be as prompt for the rehearsal as for the wedding. All members of your wedding party, including your parents, should attend your wedding rehearsal.

The organist and other musicians will not attend the wedding rehearsal. They will be advised by the minister in charge or the wedding coordinator as appropriate.


V.  Confetti and Decorations

The altar furnishings in the sanctuary are not to be moved. No tape or tacks may be placed on furniture, pews, pillars or walls. The use of confetti is not allowed inside the Church. For Health and Safety reasons, candles are not permitted.

Access to the sanctuary for decorating purpose is limited to no more than three hours before the wedding time. Your florist will need to contact the admin office and request a specific time for access. It is the bride and groom’s responsibility to see to it that their florist makes this arrangement. The Church will not call to schedule a visit for decoration.

All decorations, equipment, and personal belongings must be removed from the sanctuary immediately following the wedding service.


VI.  Deposits and Refunds

A 50% non-refundable deposit (or £215.00) is required to secure the booking of your wedding, and is payable once the wedding has been confirmed. A late fee of £250.00 is chargeable and becomes payable in cash six weeks before the wedding; the full amount of which is refundable in 14 days should the wedding start within 30 minutes of its scheduled time. If the wedding is 30 minutes to one hour late, 75% of the late fee is deductable; one – two hours late, the full sum is retained, and after two hours late the wedding may be cancelled. All outstanding wedding charges are payable six weeks before the wedding. The above is applicable to members and non-members, but certain fees may be waived or concession given to bona fide/active members of this Church only.

If for any reason your wedding is postponed or cancelled, please notify the church promptly. All fees, except the non-refundable deposit of £215.00, will be returned to you within 14 days, provided that notification of the postponement or cancellation is given within 60 days prior to your wedding date; and thereafter 50% of your fees is refundable. This does not apply to the organist and minister’s fees which would be refunded in full.


VII.   Photography and Video Recording

All photography and video-taping must not be done in such a way as to cause irreverence or distraction from the spirit of the occasion. No flash photos or additional video lights may be used during the wedding ceremony. However, they may be used during the bridal march, signing of the registers, and the wedding recession. Flash pictures may also be taken in the entrance foyer prior to the service. Pictures without flash may be taken during the ceremony. The bride and groom are responsible for passing on this information to the photographer(s) and videographer(s).


VIII.    Responsibility for Safekeeping

Cathedral of Praise cannot accept delivery of equipment, food, drinks, or flowers ahead of the scheduled or agreed access time. While every reasonable care will be taken to assist the wedding guests to protect their property, the Church cannot be responsible for valuables and personal effects which are brought to the premises and left unattended, and will not be liable for such items if lost, stolen or damaged.


IX.     Maintenance of Order

  • The Church will not approve any application to hire or to use any part of the premises from any individual or organisation, which in our opinion may incite racial tension, or lead to, or result in public disturbance or disorder.
  • The Bishop or his authorised representative will provide stewards/attendants in the premises when they are used for public functions. All costs related to the provision of stewards will be met by the hirer.
  • Competent adult attendants/stewards, who shall have been specifically instructed by the hirer, or persons nominated by him/her, as to their duties in the event of fire or panic, shall be on duty during the whole time that members of the public are present on the premises. The instructions given by the attendants/stewards shall aim at the avoidance of panic rather than the extinction of fire, and to provide efficient supervision at all entrances or exists.
  • The Church does not provide any cloakroom service within the sanctuary or hall. The hirer may make arrangements to provide a cloakroom service, but he/she must accept responsibility for meeting all claims which may be made in respect of loss or damage to any article deposited in the cloakroom during the period the premises is hired.
  • Everything that is done in and around the Church must reflect our high Christian principles.
  • The wedding party is expected to dress modestly and appropriately as befitting to a Christian church environment.
  • No one under the influence of alcohol will be permitted to participate in the rehearsal or the wedding.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the premises.
  • No illegal drugs should be consumed or smoked anywhere in the premises or on the Church compound.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Church building.


It is the duty of the bride and groom, to inform all guests of these very strict policies and prohibitions. You may also be at liberty to copy and distribute this document as necessary.

Thank you for choosing Cathedral of Praise for your wedding, and if we can do anything to make your Day an even more special occasion, please do not hesitate to discuss your requirements with us.

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