The Church in the Community

The Church in the community represents the various ministries, design to reach our local community and beyond, offering holistic care and support. Our aim is to be the ‘hand’ of God to others, demonstrating the love of God in Christ, through:

Care and Social Responsibility

This is a ministry of care and compassion for the hungry and disadvantaged – providing food and rendering due benevolence as far as is practical.

The social excluded suffer from a series of problems such as unemployment, discrimination, poor skills, low income, poor housing, high crime, ill health and relationship/family breakdown. These and other issues such as poverty, debt, mortgage arrears, and rent arrears all contribute to factors that lead to homelessness, isolation, drugs and alcohol abuse, and orphans. The Church will tackle some of these issues on a one to one basis, and will work with other established agencies to address the more complex situations.

Evangelism Outreach Ministry

Evangelism is at the heart of God, and is the very life-line of the church. This very important ministry is under review, and will need some restructuring. The Men’s, Women’s and Youth Ministries will work together with the appointed Director of Evangelism, to deliver the corporate evangelistic outreach programme. The following areas are either being implemented or under consideration:

  • Prison Ministry
  • Working with Ex-offenders
  • Street Pastors
  • Street Evangelism
  • Child Evangelism
  • Evangelistic Outreach Meetings
  • Follow-up Ministry

The above is in line with our Church’s vision of reaching people, changing lives, and advancing the Kingdom of God.

Senior Citizens Projects

The senior citizen’s outreach programme has been initiated with a business plan, discussions with the local authority and other over 50’s providers.

Dialogues are in progress to secure a property that is appropriately located to house our senior citizens’ centre, which was envisaged will provide care and support for senior citizens, regardless of their status, ethnic background or culture: improving their social, moral and spiritual status within a multicultural context.

Initially, we wish to draw from the expertise of our own community careers and professionals with the experience of caring for the elderly.

Restoration Community Project

We recognise that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit; God’s presence dwells in us. The restoration work symbolises the kind of effort and care we should take of God’s temples.

The term “Restoration” speaks not only of renovation of the building which is very important to the delivery of our corporate vision, but it includes restoration of the people within our Church and the wider community. The Project intends to use the word ‘restoration’, to its fullest meaning, by recognising peoples’ past, present, and future; respecting the needs for restoration, and helping individuals to achieve their objectives.

Our ethos Reaching People, Changing Lives, Advancing the Kingdom of God, in the truest sense of the term, is powerful and challenging. However, if spiritual guidance, practical help and support are given to individuals, that allow them to gain higher self-esteem through development, then they will have the ability and feel confident enough to make the necessary changes in their own lives, and go forward in their personal goals and social attainments. Our vision is to provide accessible, response and flexible services to meet the diverse needs of individuals in a cosmopolitan community.

The Restoration Community Project (RCP) is a part of the Church’s medium term vision. It is the pragmatic and innovative unit, which takes the vision of Cathedral of Praise and makes it relevant to the wider community. It is the practical arm of the Church which seeks to organise and implement programmes/projects that deal with repairing the breaches and transforming our community, by providing the mechanisms and opportunities for cohesive, meaningful and effective engagement with the community, focussing on our spiritual goals.

Phases 1 and 2 of the building work have now been completed. This includes extensive internal and external renovation work to the building, creating new facilities,  and upgrading the equipment. The Church and members of the wider community are very excited about the improved facilities so far. Special thanks to all concerned for your prayers, support and generous financial contributions, which we so highly appreciate. We have not yet arrived at our destination. We are still in need of over £500,000 to complete the phase 3 work, which includes disabled access and other safety measures.

When individuals support RCP financially, they are a worthwhile investment into the legacy of our young people.  Their monies help to advance the Church’s facilities to serve future generations, by providing a variety of safe reliable services, crucial to the implementation of a vision that says, “We care about the people of our community and beyond”.

RCP’s corporate improvement strategy also promotes programmes that will impact the community by bringing people together for practical help and support. This includes: personal development, empowerment, education, counselling, training and relevant information.

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Service Times


10 am - Adult Bible Study

11 am - Divine Worship

12 noon - Power-source Children's Church

6.30 pm - Celebration and Ministry


7.30 pm - Prayer Meeting


7.30 pm - Men's Ministries (fortnightly)

7. 45 pm - Worship Ministries Rehearsal


10.30 am - Fasting and Prayer

7.30 pm - School of Ministry


7.30 pm - Bible Study


6.30 pm - Youth Activities

7.45 pm - Cathedral Choir Rehearsal

8.00 pm - Community Project


10.00 am - Purpose Women's Conference (Monthly)


Solemnisation of Marriages and Babies' Dedication by Appointment Only. For further details, please contact the administration office.