Education and Training

Education and training in its general sense, is the key to everything we do as a church community. The Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ is ‘Go and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you’ (Matthew 28:19-20, NIV). Matthew records that in the historic Sermon on the Mount, Jesus began to ‘teach them saying…’ (Matthew 5:2). Teaching is fundamental to all meaningful educational programmes.

As a part of our effort to fulfil the mandate of the Great Commission, we aim to provide educational resources for the foundation of basic Christian living, in accordance with the Word of God. It is often said that ‘knowledge is power’, and this is true, in principle. Jesus says, ‘you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free’ (John 8:32). The apostle Paul admonishes believers to study to show themselves approved to God, as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, correctly dividing the Word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). Our purpose is to make the Bible relevant to all aspects of everyday life, assisting personal growth and Christian maturity.

In accordance with the above, we make available a range of pertinent materials: educational books, CD’s and DVD’s, provided at our in-house bookshop at a reasonable cost.

We also organise, develop, and promote educational programmes such as:

  • Discipleship Training
  • Adult Bible Study
  • Power source Children’s Ministry
  • Youth Bible Study
  • School of Ministry
  • In-house IT Training
  • Other vocational courses

Other significant areas of Christian education and leadership development are addressed through the various departments of the Church. Members also have the opportunity to link into our national education programs at the NTCG Leadership Training Centre.

In addition to the above, we encourage and support those continuing in life-long learning in the areas of their God-given talents in schools, colleges, universities and vocational settings. Local schools and colleges are keen to work in partnership with us to facilitate these initiatives.

We now have a computer suite in place, from which IT training is provided. Part of our strategy is to develop and implement a Family Learning Centre, with Disability Awareness. The objective here is to celebrate the family, and address crucial issues like: adoption, Fostering, Mentoring, life-coaching, single and teenage parents. Health and Safety, adequate facilities and moral support will also be provided for the mentally ill.

If you would like any more information about the above, please contact the Minister of Christian Education on 020 8888 9427 or 020 8881 6027.

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Service Times


10 am - Adult Bible Study

11 am - Divine Worship

12 noon - Power-source Children's Church

6.30 pm - Celebration and Ministry


7.30 pm - Prayer Meeting


7.30 pm - Men's Ministries (fortnightly)

7. 45 pm - Worship Ministries Rehearsal


10.30 am - Fasting and Prayer

7.30 pm - School of Ministry


7.30 pm - Bible Study


6.30 pm - Youth Activities

7.45 pm - Cathedral Choir Rehearsal

8.00 pm - Community Project


10.00 am - Purpose Women's Conference (Monthly)


Solemnisation of Marriages and Babies' Dedication by Appointment Only. For further details, please contact the administration office.