Public Relations (PR) Department

The Public Relations (PR) Department, which works closely with the Local Presiding Bishop to promote the corporate image of the Church internally and externally, consists of the following members:

Tracyann Cowan – Public Relations Officer
Vacant – Assistant Public Relations Officer
Bevin Betton – Public Relations Assistant
Minoria Allen – Public Relations Assistant
TJ Agard – Public Relations Assistant
Kardeena Lowe– Deputy Public Relations Assistant


To managing and enhance the reputation of Cathedral of Praise, handling internal and media and other ‘stakeholder’ relation, and assisting in managing the Church’s publications.

Serving as communication liaison between the local Presiding Bishop’s Office, the Church and Pastor’s Council (CPC), the corporate Church and other relevant ‘stakeholders’.

Ensuring that the Sunday notices have been authorised, vetted and announced in each Church service.

Giving advice and assisting in the handling of activities reflecting on the image and reputation of The New Testament Church of God (Cathedral of Praise).

Overseeing the management and further development of the contents, look and feel of the COP website.

Preparing and/or checking scripts for speeches or productions; produce videos, compose letters and memos as and when requested.

Promoting and communicating the Church’s Corporate Social responsibilities and to assist the protocol team in facilitating their activities.

Devising, planning and co-ordinating events such asCOPPraise Nites (working closely with the Bishop, Worship Minister, Assistant Worship Minister, Worship Team Co-ordinators, Musicians, and the AV and PA Teams, as necessary).

Working closely with the Bishop and the Co-ordinator of the Restoration Community Project to secure funding and community resources to support both church and activities/projects.

Ensuring that the appropriate safeguard standards and policies are actively promoted and followed with good working practices.




Only notices authorised from the Ministry Heads will be considered, unless this has been delegated to a third party with the agreement of the Ministry Head and/or the Local Presiding Bishop.

Please note that notices will not be accepted on a Sunday morning/evening unless it has been duly authorised by the Local Presiding Bishop.

All notices will be read during services by a member of the PR Department; unless permission has been granted by the Local Presiding Bishop.  (Notices should be received at least 2 weeks prior to the publication date).


The PR Department is available to give advice and to assist in the planning of activities that are being planned, which will have an impact on the image and reputation of Cathedral of Praise.

COP Website

All recommendations, changes or amendments to the COP Website should be sent to the PR Department or the local Presiding Bishop.

Writing/Editing Correspondence

The PR Department will prepare and/or check scripts for speeches or productions; produce videos, compose letters and memos as and when requested.

Subsequent to authorisation from the Local Presiding Bishop, all COP publications will be cleared with the Public Relations Department before publicity.

All written communications from COP should reflect a professional image -ensuring documents are produced to a high quality and that the COP brand is strong, consistent and compliant with Church standards.

Dealing With the Media

All press and media queries will be handled through the Church Administration and Public Relations Department.

If you receive a call from a journalist directly, you should:

  • Refer them to the Public Relations Officer, who will liaise with the Bishop to coordinate a response. This may involve organising a media interview with a COP spokesperson.
  • If you are required to provide an interview, you will be coached through the process by a member of the Public Relations Department. This will involve establishing what the journalist is likely to ask, the key messages that need to be delivered to the journalist, and how to approach any potentially difficult or challenging questions.
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Service Times


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11 am - Divine Worship

12 noon - Power-source Children's Church

6.30 pm - Celebration and Ministry


7.30 pm - Prayer Meeting


7.30 pm - Men's Ministries (fortnightly)

7. 45 pm - Worship Ministries Rehearsal


10.30 am - Fasting and Prayer

7.30 pm - School of Ministry


7.30 pm - Bible Study


6.30 pm - Youth Activities

7.45 pm - Cathedral Choir Rehearsal

8.00 pm - Community Project


10.00 am - Purpose Women's Conference (Monthly)


Solemnisation of Marriages and Babies' Dedication by Appointment Only. For further details, please contact the administration office.