Profile of an Apostle

Bishop Dr. Barrington O. Burrell Ph.D

A Man Sent By God

Bishop Barrington O. Burrell is one of God’s end-time apostles. He is a man of vision and integrity, sent by God for such a time as this (John 1:6). He sees a glorious church in the Spirit realm, yet to be manifested on planet earth, which has inspired and influenced his philosophy of the ministry.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Barrington had a supernatural intervention at the age of sixteen. This life-changing experience dramatically impacted his life and charted his course. God commissioned him to preach the Gospel and heal the sick. Christ appeared to him on eight occasions and reaffirmed this mandate. He began preaching at the age of eighteen – believing that he should demonstrate in his ministry the reality and power of God, experienced by the early prophets and apostles. He attended the International Bible Seminary in Switzerland and was graduated in 1971.

At the age of twenty-two, after pursuing his theological training, Barrington became a pastor, and has pastored six churches in the New Testament Church of God (UK) over the ensuing forty-three years; introducing a fresh paradigm, which has invariably contributed to the growth and development of the Churches he led. In addition to his hectic pastoral schedules in the local church communities and beyond, he has executed the ministry of a Bible school teacher, counsellor, advisor; keynote speaker at many family enrichment seminars, men’s ministries, conventions, crusades, and other events both at home and abroad. He was consecrated as bishop in 1979.

Bishop Barrington Burrell is blessed with a dynamic ministry accompanied by signs and wonders. Literally, hundreds of people have testified of the outstanding miracles received under his ministry. Numerous ‘so-called’ incurable cases have been healed, leaving the medical profession baffled. Many people have been delivered from demon possession and oppression, and some have experienced financial breakthroughs, all by the power of God and for His glory. This deliverance ministry which has taken the Man of God to Ghana, Belgium, Germany, India, Canada, U.S.A. the Caribbean and across England and Wales is in great demand. He has often said, ‘The anointing makes the difference.’

Bishop Barrington Burrell has worked untiringly for his denomination at local, district and national levels; serving on the National Board of Youth and Christian Education, National Evangelism and Home Missions Board, and the National Executive Council. He has also administered as National Evangelist, and currently as District Overseer and local Pastor.

He is a catalyst for change, and has introduced new paradigms in his sphere of influence. His innovation and personal contributions relative to analytical changes in the churches’ infra-structure and ministries, have impacted some of the churches and transformed the aspirations of many believers to move on to another level in terms of their relevance, faith, worship and ministry in the 21st century. The success of his ministry is due to his vision, focus, strong determination, unreserved commitment, and the anointing in which he walks.

Bishop Barrington Burrell loves people, and desires to see their lives transformed by the power of God. He has a passion to preach and teach the Gospel of the Kingdom, and to know the glory of God. He believes it is the will of God for believers to be filled with the Holy Spirit and experience a deeper understanding of what it means to become ‘partakers of the divine nature, heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ,’ according to 2 Peter 1:4 and Romans 8:17. It goes without saying that he strongly believes in a God of mighty miracle-working power, and that divine healing is the privilege of the church, provided in Christ for all believers. He takes a multicultural approach to the ministry, believing that all people are equal in the sight of God, and have the right to be loved, respect and equal opportunities.

He has devoted many years unreservedly serving the elderly, youth, alcoholics, and drug addicts; and supported local, national and international initiatives for orphans and the underprivileged in countries like Ghana, India and in parts of the Caribbean. He is very down-to-earth, and shows humility within the work he carries out, which is a rare quality for someone with his gifts, experiences and status within the church and its wider community.

Bishop Barrington Burrell is the author of six books, four of which have been published. His writings extend his ministry beyond the four walls of the Church to the nations. He believes that unity, and uniformity do not always coexist. Through the printed pages, he hopes that many people will be helped to interface with each other and appreciate their cultural diversities.

He is married to beautiful Maxine, who is very gifted, and is an integral part of his ministry. They are blessed with their daughter Lorna, son Robert, and four gorgeous grandchildren, Jahmeil, Keiran, Sophie, and Chloe.


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